It is not necessary to register a trust in order for it to be effective because a trust is essentially an agreement between the settlor and the trustee. In accordance with the terms of a trust deed, the settlor transfers his assets to the trustee, who retains ownership of all the assets solely for the benefit of the beneficiaries, who are to be mentioned in the trust deed. There is also the settlor’s letter of wishes, although it is not legally enforceable.

Include Services- Trust/Association/Foundation

Nothing compares to a foundation you can register. Many NGOs just utilise the word “foundation” in their names. For instance, a certain ABCXYZ Foundation might be registered as a trust or as a society.

You don’t have to include the word “foundation” in the name of your organisation. Use it if you want, but don’t use it if you don’t! Simple.

Now, perhaps, you won’t be perplexed. Choose a society- or trust-based NGO from the list. If you like, you can incorporate the word “foundation” into the name.

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Formation and Registration of Trust

Filing of Change Report

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