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Power of Attorney

Power of attorney is an important document for one who is empowering someone other to act on his behalf. While entrusting power one must be very careful about the power he/she is giving because many times it is noticed that holder of power of attorney misuses the same for his personal benefit or personal agenda.

About the case study

Movie Bazigar is an example of misuse of power of attorney given by one partner to another partner in the business. The holder misuses Power for his personal gain.

Mainly two types of Power of Attorney are executed one is General Power of Attorney and other is Special Power of Attorney. General Power is given when all types of power is desire to be given to holder but this kind of power consist of maximum risk as it is noticed that even son has cheats father vice a versa, husband cheats wife vice a versa. Special Power of Attorney is given only for specific work, is lesser risky than General Power of Attorney.

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