Digital and direct distribution options have created new opportunities for producers seeking to leverage multiple platforms to find new revenue streams and audiences for their work. While the traditional “all rights” deal will continue to exist as long as there are major distributors willing to pay a minimum guarantee and give a certain exclusive category of films a theatrical push, many producers are now looking at entering into (and understanding) two or more concurrent distribution deals with different and hopefully complementary partners. The goal for many of these producers is to maintain greater control over distribution and marketing, maximize value for investors and unlock the potential of growing digital platforms such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu to benefit both the individual film and the longer-term career of its producer. Bollywood Agreement Bollywood Agreement 

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It is a type of shareholders agreement that controls the interactions between the original shareholders of a firm who have already formed or are about to do so and the financier of their expansion. Entrepreneurs want to make sure that investors will fulfil their financial obligations, and investors want to protect their investment without jeopardising the project’s progress or the legitimate founding stockholders.

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What is an artist agreement?

An artist agreement or contract is an agreement between two parties, one acting as a producer/maker and the other as an artist who provides his/her services and/or engages for a particular project as film or music composition, singing, or dubbing, etc. The agreement is like any other contract which commences from an offer and its acceptance by the party for a lawful consideration and lawful object. It is a form of employment contract or service contract. This agreement defines the role of an artist in a project and his obligations and duties. As the work of an artist entails originality, therefore, it requires to be protected from any kind of infringement or breach and clear terms of professional conduct.

Why is it required for the artist to enter into the agreement?

Even if the oral contract is deemed to be a legal contract under the Indian Contract Act of 1872, it can be quite challenging to demonstrate this in court in actual circumstances. The need for a well-written contract or agreement that spells out all the important terms between the parties arises as a result. Written agreements/contracts provide greater certainty, clarity, and prevent ambiguity in terms of contract interpretation. The parties’ responsibilities and obligations are laid down in writing in the written agreement, which serves as a guide between them.

The terms and conditions, business correspondence information, contact information, project specifics, available dates for the project, and other information must all be included in a letter of agreement for this agreement. In light of this, the artist who intends to enter into the agreement should be aware of and comprehend the contract.