Due to shared requirements within a residential building, such as a security guard or water connection, as well as shared interests, such as common area maintenance, a co-operative society is the most appropriate choice. The co-operative housing society might be promoted by builders or apartment owners. Without the housing society, there will be disagreements or a lack of enthusiasm among the members. Co-op Society – property agreement Co-op Society – property agreement 

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A co-operative society is the ideal setup for a residential building because flat owners share common needs and interests (such as a water connection and watchmen). It would probably be best if you showed interest in starting a society if you recently bought a flat in a new building. Additionally, the builder is legally required to establish a society.

Co-op Society – property agreement Co-op Society – property agreement

Formation of co-op housing society

Formation of co-op society (commercial/industrial/credit society/bank/labour/sugar mill)

Registration of any kind of co-operative society

Drafting & registration of sale deed/conveyance deed of co-op housing society

Co-op Society - property agreement

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The value of a flat registry in co-op society

Have you recently purchased a home? This transaction needs to be registered. Two reasons make it necessary to register your apartment:

An immovable property is a flat. Purchasing a condo is thus a transaction involving immovable property. Such transactions must be registered in order to be effective. As a result, you must register to buy your apartment.

Quite obviously, your apartment is situated on a specific plot of land. You have specific rights over that land as the flat’s owner. The state’s land records will list your name as the rightful owner of your apartment once you register it. This important piece of documentation demonstrates your ownership rights to your apartment.

An apartment that is still being built can be registered. A apartment can be registered once it has been taken possession; contrary to popular belief, it cannot be registered earlier. However, this is untrue. In actuality, banks demand that unfinished apartment buildings be registered before issuing mortgages. While such registration safeguards the interests of banks, the buyer of the residence assumes all risk.

Required Documents

appointment letter, which was acquired after scheduling a meeting with the relevant Sub-office. Registrar’s
evidence that the required registration costs have been paid.
The first Sale Deed for your apartment.
Identity documents for the Sale Deed’s parties and attesting witnesses
Copy of the seller’s or builder’s Possession Letter

Documents Needed for Flat Registration
Documents Needed for Flat Registration