Propdox Case Study

How to save us from tarikh pe tarikh (civil court)

We all know that if a land dispute goes to court, we get only a dates of courts but no justice and therefore if you want to save yourself from this, it is important to consult expert lawyer before you are buying a property whether land/flat/shop/office/commercial premises and to get property papers verify.

About the case study

A PROPDOX’s client was to purchase a land at Survey No. 46, Kesnand, Wagholi Taluka Haveli District Pune and he engaged PROPDOX to do due diligence as well as public notice, Sale Deed etc.

While verifying mutation entries and 7/12 extract of last 50 year PROPDOX’s lawyers notice that original farmer had sold the land earlier by deceiving  his sisters i.e. A sold the land to B in which the sister had the right but did not sign the Sale Deed / Purchase deed.

Later B decided to sell the land to PROPDOX’s client. Expertise at PROPDOX execute a due diligence by publishing a Public Notice in two vernacular newspapers as well in English newspaper and did search of registered documents as well as of revenue records and notice that sister of A has a right in the said land and they have also filed a Civil Case before appropriate court.

Further, A original farmer and vendor of land settled civil court case with sister by executing a Partition Deed however he deliberately made mistakes in areas allotted to sister and afterwards by impersonating his sister executed a Deed of Correction whereby he reallotted entire share in his name and executed a Deed of Confirmation in B name who is present owner same is noticed by PROPDOX’s lawyer.

In the way due to expert lawyers at PROPDOX client was saved from being cheated and supposed client didn’t avail service of PROPDOX then he will be punished by TARIKH PE TARIKH by visiting courts.